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It usually concerns feelings from a primary relationship during childhood. At times, this transference can be considered inappropriate. It is common for people to transfer feelings about their parents to their partners or children that is, cross-generational entanglements. Another example of transference would be a person mistrusting somebody who resembles an ex-spouse in manners, voice, or external appearance, or being overly compliant to someone who resembles a childhood friend.

Managing transference and countertransference

The college experience represents a major life transition from adolescence to adulthood, which is often fraught with challenges in relationships, identity formation, and communal belonging. Steady generational changes in self and relational identity have led to younger generations that increasingly embody a more interpersonal and less individualistic conception of the human person, with less rigid norms and greater openness to diversity. These characteristics make college students an appropriate target population for interpersonal psychotherapies based on mutuality of process. Relational therapy is a particularly fitting treatment modality for college students, as it focuses on these very qualities. This article reviews the current literature on relational theory in psychological and social work practice, describing its principal tenets and concepts, and applying this theory to clinical work with college students to reveal applications for constructive practice with this population.

Download PDF. This Fast Fact illustrates the impact of unrecognized transference and countertransference and offers strategies to mitigate their consequences. Importance: Transference phenomena is common in clinical care. It is not inherently pathologic, nor does it reflect failure on the part of the clinician or patient. Yet, if unrecognized, it can potentially lead to harmful consequences for patients and clinicians.

What Is Transference?

Within a coaching relationship, unchecked transference can hinder the ability to hold positive regard and a nonjudgemental position and research has found it is often the cause of the deterioration of a coaching relationship. In this blog post, I offer three steps the coach might use to help manage transference and countertransference. Transference and countertransference are two related psychological processes. Transference occurs all the time in everyday interactions and is where we may be reminded of someone in the behaviour of others or where previous memories are triggered. Here are some examples to help illustrate:. Most research on this topic comes from psychotherapy, where the way of managing transference and countertransference would be to bring it into the room, and use it as part of the therapy process. There is also some research relating to mentoring, for for example where separation anxiety occurs for the mentor as their mentee reminds them of a time when their own opportunities for promotion were blocked 3.

Reasons for dislike can be varied and are not clearly known, as little research has been done on the topic. The purpose of this pilot study was to begin to understand how clinicians experience and navigate dislike for clients in practice. The study yielded critical information regarding the factors that influence dislike and the coping skills utilized by practitioners to counter or ameliorate such feelings. In addition, in , the U. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that Recent studies have also shown that clinical interventions have a positive effect in diminishing distressing symptoms in clients Minami et al.

PDF | Counter transference - The emotional reactions that clients trigger Recommendations for social work education, field instruction and countertransference theory or unaware of their own emotional reactions to clients​.

Transference vs. Countertransference: What’s the big deal?

Transference and countertransference describe two commonly occurring scenarios within a counseling relationship. Both transference and countertransference represent the manner in which the client acts and feels toward the therapist and vice versa. Transference and countertransference can both be powerful tools in therapy if used appropriately, but can also be harmful to the therapeutic relationship and process if not recognized and dealt with. At its core, transference occurs when feelings that you have for one person are unconsciously redirected to another.

You may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of new terms, theories, and practices you are learning. With all of the clinical information, you are consuming it can be easy to gloss over the concepts of transference and countertransference. You know it makes sense that as a clinician you may be triggered by a client or you remind the client of someone they know.

Transference occurs when a person redirects some of their feelings or desires for another person to an entirely different person. One example of transference is when you observe characteristics of your father in a new boss. You attribute fatherly feelings to this new boss.

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Dislikable Clients or Countertransference: A Clinician’s Perspective

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Not all social workers are members of NASW; however, based on the fact that it is the largest professional social work organization, courts of law.

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