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Articles of Association is an important document of a Joint Stock Company.

Inform Direct company secretarial software will ease the administrative burden of corporate life. Start now. Both a memorandum of association and the articles of association are required for a company formed in the UK under the Companies Act and previous Companies Acts.

Memorandum and articles of association explained

In corporate governance , a company's articles of association AoA , called articles of incorporation in some jurisdictions is a document which, along with the memorandum of association in cases where the memorandum exists form the company's constitution , and defines the responsibilities of the directors, the kind of business to be undertaken, and the means by which the shareholders exert control over the board of directors. In contrast to the memorandum, which declares the business objectives and manners of external affairs, the articles of association defines the businesses internal affairs and manner of achieving the business objective. The articles of association of a company, or articles of incorporation , of an American or Canadian company, are often simply referred to as articles and are often capitalized as an abbreviation for the full term. The Articles are a requirement for the establishment of a company under the law of India , the United Kingdom , Nigeria , Pakistan and many other countries. Together with the memorandum of association , they are the constitution of a company. The equivalent term for an LLC is articles of organization. In South Africa , from the new Companies Act which commenced in , articles and memoranda of association have been replaced by a "memorandum of incorporation" or "MoI".

A memorandum of association contains a name clause, registered office clause, object or objective clause , objects clause, liability clause, capital clause, and association clause. The articles of Association and MOA make up the company's constitution. The registered office clause lists the name of the state where the company's registered office is physically located. The objects clause, also called the objective clause, is considered the most important in the MOA. The object clause explained why the company is establishing. Companies aren't legally allowed to do any kind of business other than the kind of business that is specifically stated in this clause. An object clause should contain:.

Ppt Presentation On Memorandum Of Association

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View memorandum and articles of from ECONO at South Ukrainian State Pedagogical University. Unit - III Memorandum of Association.


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Memorandum of Association Presentation

Definition The memorandum of association of a company, often simply called the memorandum is the document that governs the relationship between the company and the outside world Memorandum of Association is the constitution of the Company and considered to be the main document without which no company exists. Importance Constitution of the company The incorporation of the company, is in fact the registration of its Memorandum, as it contains conditions upon which alone the company is granted certificate of incorporation. Main document which is required for forming a company. Nature of a contract between the company and outside world. Why MOA? It is basically a statement that the subscribers wish to form a company; have agreed to become members. Public limited company In this type of company the liability of the members is limited to the extent of their shares.

The Memorandum of Association is a document of great importance in relation to the proposed company. It contains the fundamental conditions upon which alone the company is allowed to be incorporated. Its purpose is to enable shareholders and those who deal with the company to know what its permitted range of enterprise is. The prospective shareholders shall know the field in, or the purpose for, which their money is going to be used by the company and what risk they are undertaking in making investment. The outsiders dealing with the company shall know with certainty as to what the objects of the company are and as to whether the contractual relation into which they contemplate to enter with the company is within the objects of the company. Undesirable name to be avoided.

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Articles of association

Name Clause

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Articles of Association
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