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Use readings from the primary literature to: provide a historical perspective of our science; promote critical thinking; help students develop analytical and synthetic thinking; demonstrate applications of modern scientific methods and techniques; and prepare students to begin to contribute to our scientific heritage.

Many of us use the primary literature in our courses. However, students particularly undergraduates need some guidance in learning how to mine the information in professional scientific writings.

Here are a few examples of different approaches one can take in teaching students how to read journal articles. Consider using chapters from the Reviews of Mineralogy and Geochemistry series. These volumes are the primary source reference for the chosen topics.

These volumes are written at a level of an upper division undergraduate or starting graduate student. Each volume provides essential background information for each topic, and also presents the "state of the art".

A great place for students to engage in-depth study of the topic, or as a foundation to start a new research project! See a complete listing of topics in this series, and purchase these volumes, at the Mineralogical Society of America Bookstore. Carmichael This volume provides an historical perspective of the great advances in volcanic petrology.

Order from the Mineralogical Society of America. A collection of "classic" articles, with editorial commentary on the context and impacts of these important contributions. Show Topics Covered Hide Topics covered. Each volume of Elements Magazine focuses on a mineralogy, petrology, or geochemistry topic of interest. These are typically short articles that are easily accessed by students at all levels. The articles provide a good entree to the context and significance of each topic, and the applications to Science and society.

Suggested volumes from the recent past that can readily be used in mineralogy, petrology or geochemistry courses include:. This is a compilation of scholarly articles recommended for use in igneous and metamorphic petrology courses. The original compilation was made by Allen Glazner, University of North Carolina, with subsequent contributions made by colleagues on the Mineralogical Society of America email list.

The January MSA listserv contains review articles as well as articles on basaltic magma generation, granitic rock, volcanic rocks, and igneous processes. Please contribute! Send references to articles you regularly use in your teaching about igneous and metamorphic petrology along with a short description of why the article is interesting or important to: Dave Mogk, mogk AT montana.

Get Involved Archive. Your Account. Show Table of Contents. Show Topics Covered. Topics covered The laws of metamorphism Barrovian metamorphism The metamorphic facies Metamorphism of limestone and the petrogenetic grid Composition projections Mixed volatiles Blueschists Pseudosections Thermal models of collision belts Mineral thermometry Thermodynamic data base of minerals Fluid driven metamorphism Kinetics: experiment and theory Ultra-high pressure metamorphism Kinetics: field.

Bowen, N. See Read paper and other papers and discussion in that volume Clemens, J. Coleman, D. Collins, W. Reviews Yoder, H. Yoder, H. Foulger, G. Putirka, K. Basaltic Magma Generation Bailey, B. Brown, G. Green, D. Hess, H. Irvine, T. Jackson, E. Geological Survey Professional Paper , p.

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Walker, K. Walker, F. Granitic Rocks Bowen, N. Brown, P. Buddington, A. Gilluly, J. Jahns, R. A model for the derivation and crystallization of granitic pegmatites: Economic Geology and the Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, vol. Krauskopf, K. Pabst, A. Tuttle, O. Weaver, J. Whitney, J. Volcanic Rocks Lipman, P. Hildreth, W. B11, p. Igneous Processes Haskin, L. DePaolo, D. Haskin, L. O'Hara, M. Bohlen, S. Petrology, Pressure and Temperature, Jour.

Edmond, J. Ernst, W. Kemp A. Episodic growth of the Gondwana supercontinent from hafnium and oxygen isotopes in zircon.

Mezger, K. Selverstone, J. Smith, C. GSA Bull, v. Whitney, D. In: Whitney, D. General Articles Carmichael, D. Coleman, R. Dodson, M. England, P. Heat transfer during the evolution of regions of thickened continental crust: Journal of Petrology, v. Ghent, E. Greenwood, H. Guidotti, C. A review of chemical and petrographic criteria for defining metamorphic grades and for recognition of discontinous mineral reactions: Examples from metapelites: Rendiconti della Societa Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia, v.

Kerrick, D.

Teaching Petrology Using the Primary Scientific Literature

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Request PDF | On Apr 1, , T Grove and others published Contributions to mineralogy and petrology | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.

Volume 137, issue 1-2, October 1999

Display journals with at least. Download data. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Journal of Metamorphic Geology.

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    Use readings from the primary literature to: provide a historical perspective of our science; promote critical thinking; help students develop analytical and synthetic thinking; demonstrate applications of modern scientific methods and techniques; and prepare students to begin to contribute to our scientific heritage.

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    Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology is an international journal that articles starting ; Downloadable in PDF format; Subscription expires 12/31/​

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    Mobility and H 2O loss from fluid inclusions in natural quartz crystals · Andreas Audétat, Detlef Günther Pages Download PDF (KB). Article.

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